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Construction Projects

Our At one Solutions Projects division works purely with property developers and commercial clients to deliver architectural design, project management, and residential construction services, depending on the requirements.

We have a dynamic strategy which allows us to rapidly adjust to the market, leading to the completion of a variety of both commercial and residential projects within the specified project budget.

Construction Projects

Luxury Commercial And Residential Developments

Developers work with us because they want genuine quality. We’ve earned our stripes creating iconic award-winning homes, buildings, and offices, now we’re translating this knowledge into designing and building equally spectacular multi-residential and commercial projects.

Services During Construction

To ensure that your construction project is completed successfully, professional supervision is vital. Our services during construction help you to reduce technical risks, prevent construction errors, control budgets and effectively keep to the planned schedule. We can also help you ensure that all documents, certificates and declarations are completed and issued correctly.

With our extensive experience covering all aspects of construction, we offer you the skills needed to provide a comprehensive supervision, inspection and commissioning service for all types of projects – regardless of the of size or location.

At One Solutions Constructions Projects

Construction Projects

Project planning, coordination, and execution to make sure vendors operate in a safe, secure, and quality manner to keep your project on schedule and within budget.

Work with a single point of contact who takes responsibility for programming, design concepts, workplace, space planning, costing, contracting, and fit out.